Aki Riihilahti is an intelligent and gifted footballer. He is currently in England playing for the First Division side, Crystal Palace. While they are still First Division, I consider Aki to be a little unlucky for two reasons
* His home country Finland never qualified for the World Cup
* His current club are struggling in the middle of the first division
I really hope he gets a chance to play in the premiership and maybe even Europe.

I came across his virtual self when I first played Championship Manager on PC. Coincidentally, he likes to play CM too 🙂 as is evident from this blog.

I consider his writings to be thoughtful, funny and definitely a big find. He is one of the few footballers to blog honest and spontaneously. There might be others out there but this is the first one I found, so I’m pretty surprised.

Here’s his home page.


Beckhams scored the first goal of the Spanish League!

Hmmm… Dream start, I am sure Alex Ferguson had his reasons!

Lee Chun Soo (22) joined Real Sociedad this season and almost scored his first goal for them, on hs debut. He chipped the Espanyol goalkeeper, but striker Kovacevic got his toe in before the ball went in. Lee Chun Soo is a creative South Korean International. Watch him… 🙂

Homeground Soccer

Indian Soccer is getting a little more coverage this year. 2003 saw the Tata Group hosting the Indian Federation Cup. Thanks to the Internet, the event was able to reach a wider audience and issue a challenge to Crickets dominance over the country. While the Federation Cup is the equivalent of the FA Cup in UK, the National Football League would be a parallel to the Premier League. (I can hear people smirking alread 🙂 ). And of course, there is also the Santosh Trophy ;). This year Mahindra United trounced Mohammedan sporting in the Federation Cup in Soccer crazy Kolkata. Most of us will remember that Kolkata gave the biggest welcome to the FIFA World Cup last year. On the world stage we are ranked at 131.

Soccer in the United States

There is a tremendous effort underway to promote soccer in the United States. Currently, some of the top clubs from Europe have been invited to play each other for the Champions World Trophy. The golden list includes Manchester United, Juventus, Barcelona, AC Milan and Glasgow Celtic. While last weekend Man Utd devastated the Celtic 4-0, this weekend they dominated Juventus to a 4-1 victory in New Jersey in front of an amazing turnout of 77,000 people. Results. One of the best players on that pitch on that particular day, Juan Sebastian Veron is actually the subject of transfer speculation.

Between Veron and Ruud Van Niestelrooy the lucky got to witness one of the coolest goals in the match. Too bad he has to leave. What is Ferguson thinking?

Note that back in Europe, people are still calling this a “pre-season” friendly, but some of the soccer being played out is very high-quality. The fight back from Juventus in the 70th minute was almost sensational and nearly effective in closing down the lead Manchester United had.

The US soccer league or MLS also plays some fine soccer!

Kicking myself…

Manchester United (Premier League, England) versus Celtic (Premier League, Scotland) at the Seattle Mariners Stadium tonight. Tickets at $45, I am not there!!!! Arggghhhhh!

Chased a bug for two days, lots of red herrings appeared, learnt a lot too… still figuring out how the system works. I hope I keep the lessons learnt and improve.

The day ends

Well, that was an awesome match. I saw an extremely aggressive Indian team
hold their own and rip apart a dispirited Pakistani attack. However, I never
really thought the Indians had the match wrapped up. The match see sawed
quite a bit. In the end, I was surprised by the show of atitude, commitment
and character from the Indians.

Ind v Pak

Things could have been a lot worse for India than 270 odd for the opposition.
Been watching the game since early morning. Fantastic batting by Saeed
Anwar, he always seems to have this knack for pulping India.

13th January, 2001 @ 11:00 PM.

Things have not really been easy this week. Considering how tough it is to decode MSN’s SPA, phew, I should cry for help, does anyone know anything about the details of this protocol ! The Table Tennis Tournament at Persistent is moving along well, heres a neat picture of the Cricket team with me in the lower right hand corner in Jeans and a Maroon T-Shirt :). Also with me from right to left last row, is Hemant, Amit and sitting in the row directly above me is Jaidev. I will be moving to Vijays house for atleast a week, man I am going to miss my home quite a bit. 26 days of driving lessons works out to 4 weeks. I hope and pray Pradeep gets well!

Recovered from the Internet Archive http://cravelinux.cjb.net.