India won last night

We won a thrilling match last night. Pakistan were trumped literally at the post, in the very last over of the game the match could have still tilted either way. I thought it was an excellent way to begin the series, for both teams. Neither team spared any quarter and were both in the race till the very end, unnerving each other into performing harder.

Just a thought, I wonder why the Indians are scared about playing in Pakistan. I think their fear is based on the security itself. If push comes to a shove, they probably fear that the Pakistani commandos guarding them will turn on them instead!

3rd Test – Melbourne

The mornings session India got several breathers. Sehwag and Chopra were lucky to remain there. Australia dropped several opportunities to go on top. As the day wore on, so did the ball. Sehwag and Chopra displayed their class and blunted the ordinary attack. Eventually, frustration and dissapointment had set in on the aussies. Chopra’s wicket was little solace. Sehwag and Dravid put on another solid partnership before Tea.

Australia have their backs to the wall, the Indian batting has been authoritative and they have not let go since lunch. A series victory is in sight!

Arsenal don’t look like winners to me

Craig Hignett snatched a point for Leicester with virtually the last kick of the game as Arsenal failed to take advantage of Chelsea’s slip-up at Leeds. Gilberto Silva’s header on the hour had promised to return the Gunners to the top, even after Ashley Cole was shown Arsenal’s 53rd red card under Arsene Wenger for a two-footed challenge on Ben Thatcher.

Match Report

Chelsea 1 – 0 Man Utd.

Fergie may already be having a very longing look at that Premiership Title. I was lucky enough to watch the game on ESPN at home! The report shows that ManU gave a spirited fight. But Money talks and Bullshit walks 🙂 you don’t have to go to a “dance bar” to find out! However, I think the result could have just as well been 0 – 0.

Man versus Machine

News report just in, Kasparov had an advantage over Fritz in 16 moves! Looks like Fritz has a programming problem with his opening game :)!

He probably studied the Computers ‘thinking’ really well before coming in with a killer strategy. Some say the strategy was too forward thinking!! Kasparov is now in the business of breaking computer chess programs 🙂 Brilliant I say, every chess game programmers worst nightmare. The newscientist explains the twin strategy that Kasparov employed very clearly!

Spurs versus the Lakers

A really good game between these two huge teams is unfolding as I write. 101-101 the game goes into Overtime. I am pretty sure the Spurs and the rest of the NBA are thinking hard about how they can shape their game to blunt the Lakers. In fact this spurs crowd would be very happy to watch the Lakers NOT WIN, going into Overttime and subsequently the lead was a pleasant surprise.

Who will win? We will see!