Respect to Greece, scorn for France

Yesterday afternoon, I fell asleep during the biggest upset in Euro 2004. Greece knocked out France in the quarter-finals. The nap was in no way related to the pace of play 🙂 it was just a result of working late and sleeping less.

Greece 1 – 0 France
Report (soccernet)

Dick Advocaats ticket home

Dutch fans by Dick a flight home (

AMSTERDAM, June 20 (Reuters) – Dutch fans at Euro 2004 have clubbed together to buy a plane ticket out of Portugal for coach Dick Advocaat following the 3-2 defeat by the Czech Republic.

Advocaat was blamed for making a substitution in the second half which allowed the Czechs to come back from 2-1 down.

‘We collected the money in just three minutes,’ said Johan de Laat who organised the initiative on a camp site in Portugal, news agency ANP reported.

Advocaat’s ticket was booked for Tuesday’s Virgin Express flight from Faro to Brussels, a flight that cost �120, according to the airline’s website.

The Dutch play their last Group D game on Wednesday, needing to win to have any chance of reaching the quarter-finals.

‘We will give him the ticket through room service at his hotel. All he needs is his passport,’ De Laat said. ‘He doesn’t have to come back to the Netherlands.’

Euro 2004 – Who are through?

I was correctly able to predict a few teams qualifying. My biggest mistake was rating the Czechs low. I think they had a set of incredible games, beating Germany and Netherlands. In both instances, they lead these tough sides after trailing by atleast a goal. Respect!

I also never thought I would see Italy, Germany and Spain exit! Truly, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, deserve to take their places, having played with heart and ambition as a team. Sweden and Czech republic have to be the most pleasant surprises, topping their respective groups. So now we are down to the quarter-finals, a knock-out stage. You lose your out!

24th June Portugal versus England
25th June France versus Greece
26th June Sweden versus Netherlands
27th June Czech Republic versus Denmark

Euro 2004 Obsession

A-List (Qualified, or will qualify)
Portugal (Group A)
1. Home Team advantage
2. Beaten by Greece?
3. Came out very strong against Russia, Spain
4. Rui Costa, Luis Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Beat Spain, 1-0 to qualify

France (Group B)
1. Two words – Zinedine Zidane, then of course Thierry Henry, Robert Pires
2. Killed England (Definitely not Scotland in disguise) 2-1
3. Had a close shave against Croatia 2-2
4. Beat Switzerland 3-1 to qualify

Sweden (Group C)
1. Beat Bulgaria 5-0 in their opening game, Ouch!
2. Larsson, Ljungberg (Arsenal ya), Allback, all opened their scoring with Bulgaria
3. Drew with Italy in a tough and inspiring game 1-1
4. Looked quite stifled by an aggressive Italy in the first half
5. Drew with Denmark 2-2 to qualify

Czech Republic (Group D)
1. Beat Latvia in a tight game 2-1
2. Can they be one of the two who get out of Group D?
3. Nedved, European footballer of the year, player of the tournament?
4. Already qualified having beaten the dutch 3-2
6. Spirited side, past Euro cup winners
7. Beat Germany with their ‘B’ team

B-List (Qualified, will qualify, chances to win the cup)
Greece (Group A)
1. Upset Portugal in a tight Group A match
2. Drew with Spain!
3. Tell me they aren’t competitive, doing great
4. The true dark horses of the tournament, with nothing to lose
5. Lost to Russia, but pipped Spain out of Group A
6. Qualify from a tough group

England (Group B)
1. Had great friendlies, iced Iceland
2. Beaten by France in their opening match 2-1, in Injury time
3. Never won the Euro… how strange is that?
4. Beat Switzerland 3-0,
5. Their top players seem to be playing well below their potential
6. Qualify after beating Croatia 4 – 2

Italy (Group C)
1. Counting on them to mesmerise the others
2. Drew with Denmark, no good
3. Drew with Sweden too, no better
5. Rallied well in the first half against the Swedes and had them on the ropes
6. Beat Bulgaria but are out since the Swedes and the Danes drew

Germany (Group D)
1. Defense!! Leaking soft goals
2. Drew with the Dutch when they should have won
3. Reliable team, always rise upto the challenge
4. Oliver Kahn reliable and efficient
6. Their last game has bolstered their reputation as big-tournament performers
7. Drew with Latvia, 0-0
8. Lost to the Czechs and are out of the Euro 1-2

C-List (If they won, that would be an upset)
Croatia (Group B)
1. Drew with Switzerland
2. Unfortunately, drew with France after going into the lead 2-2
3. Lost to England and are out

Denmark (Group C)
1. Held Italy to a draw
2. Killed Bulgaria 2-0
3. Strong team!
4. Drew with Sweden 2-2
5. Are through to the quarter-finals, over Italy

Netherlands (Group D)
1. Ruud Van Niestelroy, Clarence Seedorf, Edgar Davids 🙂
2. Tough group
3. Not reliable performers
4. Hate Penalty time deciders
5. Jaap Stam, Van Bronckhorst, Cocu
6. Drew with Germany 1-1, but were not convincing
7. Lost to the Czechs 2-1
8. Beat Latvia 3-0 and qualify

D-List (Going out the door alright)
Spain (Group A)
1. Trumped Russia 1-0, and yet unconvinced
2. Drew with Greece, hmm are they even in the game?
3. Lost to Portugal 1-0
4. I never expected them to be out, nevertheless they are

Russia (Group A)
1. Lost to Spain, Portugal 2-0, beat Greece
2. They are out too

Switzerland (Group B)
1. Held Croatia to a Draw
2. Lost against England in an unfortunate match
3. Going out of the tournament
4. They have great players but lack the atitude
5. Lost to France 1-3
6. They are out

Bulgaria (Group C)
1. They looked in good shape in the first 45 mins against Sweden
2. Lost to Denmark 2-0
3. Lost to Sweden 5-0
4. Play Italy next
5. These guys are out!

Latvia (Group D)
1. Sorry guys, I don’t see how else
2. In the toughest group of the competition
3. Do you think they can do a Cameroon or a Nigeria?
4. Caused the Czechs some problems
5. Drew with Germany 0-0, doggedly held onto a clean-sheet
6. Lost to Holland 3-0 and are out

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