Thank you Ajit Pawar for the wake up call

Thank you Ajit Pawar for your strict action on Pune’s water consumption habits. As a direct result of your decisions and recommendations from the Irrigation department, I have noticed these changes.

Since water now flows only between 6am to 7am here in Kundan Park, Shivajinagar – the entire building is now scrambling to get up before that time. With that much more time on their hands, each one of us will find something interesting to apply it to or maybe get in to work earlier than usual. As for our family, we’ve always been ready with buckets for when the taps start to flow as my infant son ensures we’re up by 6.30am. Another bonus, water cuts have sharpened the entire building’s focus on the problems that we face collectively.

By rationing our usage we have now truly begun to understand how we waste when water is abundantly available. For instance, showers are now a luxury for me. Some still refuse to believe that the water cut has helped in this matter. They argue that people waste more when there’s rationing. Sure, if you continue to behave the same way you would when you were receiving 10x today’s supply, then yes you are wasting water – a tenth of the amount you would have otherwise.

There have been numerous other benefits and windfalls for the tanker companies, water tank manufacturers and even for the manufacturers of a hack device that can help increase the pressure of the water in your home. You have single-handedly jumpstarted and amplified at least 3 local economies.

To be dead honest, I am looking forward to the rains and to the end of water cuts. I would love to get back those 60 minutes that I spend every day making sure we’ve got the water we really need to get through the day. If you were to return them, I promise you I will use them wisely. Somewhere in the back of mind is the reality that things will only get worse next summer.