Pink Floyd and AirTel

AirTel recently revealed a slick new ad for Pink Floyd ringtone downloads. Certainly made me turn my head! The advertisement features Pink Floyd’s famous “The Wall” soundtrack with a backdrop full of animation sourced from the original Pink Floyd concerts.

Marketing messages that cut through the noise are the ones that also come to you in your sleep.

~ Santosh

Pink Floyd - Marching Hammers

Trendy India defies the rest of the world – huh!

Click on each link to pull up the Google Trends report.

  1. In India, Movies have always been more popular than TV. The trend is almost always the reverse in all the other countries where both searches are popular.
  2. Rang De Basanti was a lot more popular than Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.
  3. Blogs are more popular than newspapers with the online community in India. Only a few other countries exhibit this trend. Update: The trend report for the search term ‘blog’ versus ‘newspaper’ refutes this conclusion, look at the comments for more on using Google Trends reliably.
  4. BSNL and AirTel are the most searched of telecom providers in India. Hutch is a close third and is very popular in West Bengal, while AirTel rules the North.
  5. Searches for Naukri edge out searches for Monster by a close margin. Both trend lines reveal a lot more Indians are going online to look for jobs.
  6. Shah Rukh Khan is more searched than Aamir Khan by online users. Interestingly, more searches for Shah Rukh Khan originated from Rabat, Morocco, than Delhi, India. Amitabh Bachchan does not make much of a dent here. Update: Prateek also suggests that one take into account different ways of spelling – e.g. ‘Shah Rukh’ also becomes ‘Shahrukh’.
  7. Sachin Tendulkar beats Rahul Dravid as far as online trends goDhoni makes a surprise climb up the ranks.
  8. The online community can’t decide between Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. On the day of Singh’s appointment to the PM’ship of India, the trend was very different. Pervez Musharraf is eclipsed by the turbaned Indian Prime Minister.
  9. Only for a little while – Football was more popular than Cricket. You guessed it right, the timing coincided with the FIFA world cup, 2006.
  10. Searches for the keyword Matrimony outnumbered searches for Shaadi. Update: Prateek also suggests having a look at the report for ‘marriage ‘ and ‘wedding’ which are much higher than the other two terms.
  11. Mutual Funds are more popular than Shares. The search volumes are the highest in India. Update: The report on ‘stocks’ reveals one more story. In contrast to the rest of the world, the online populace from India still prefer Mutual Funds.
  12. Karan Johar will be happy to hear that he has finally overtaken Mithun as far as online searches go!
  13. IIM’s are catching up to the IIT’s in popularity.
  14. While global interest in GPRS is declining, GPRS interest in India remains just about the same for the last 3 years. Meanwhile, interest in AirTel keeps going climbing. Is India going to be over GPRS even before it can catch on?
  15. Tandoor is just as popular as Chaat or Halwa. Of course, Chaat Cafe (San Jose) has both Chaat and Tandoor, something you won’t see often in India! Update: Prateek points out that a report comparing ‘tandoori’, ‘tandoor’, ‘chaat’, ‘halwa’ would be more on target with tandoori coming out on top.
  16. Goa is much more popular than Himachal, search volumes predict a lot of tourists from the UK in Goa this year.
  17. Google searchers search for India more than its rival China. The pleasures of democracy 🙂 or is this the Baidu effect?

Inspired by: Micro Persuasion: 25 things I learned from Google Trends.

Disclaimer: Google Trends is only a tool. Any conclusions you can draw from the trend reports is at your own risk.

Chill out Saturday

It is raining outside. Pune is very drippy. What else but Reggae for today? I thought I would share with you the works of Max Romeo. I recommend a popular track of his – “Chase The Devil“. I got here when I heard the Grand Theft Auto “San Andreas” Soundtrack. The other trippy reggae numbers on the GTA soundtrack include “Armagideon Time” – Willie Williams.

Listen close & take care man! 😉

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Yeh hai US meri Jaan

ey Dil, hai mushkil, jeena yahan,
jara hatke, jara bachke,
ye hai US, mera jaan…

kahin building, kahin dramey, kahin motor, kahin mill,
milta yahan sab kooch,
sirf milta nahi ek dil
kahin building, kahin dramey, kahin motor, kahin mill,
milta yahan sab kooch,
sirf milta nahi ek dil
insan ka nahin kahin namo-nishaan

ey Dil, hai mushkil, jeena yahan,
jara hatke, jara bachke,
ye hai US, meri jaan…

Listen hard

Since I started playing the guitar, I seem to be listening a lot harder than ever before. I seem to have learnt a few important lessons:

Music is sacred
An important conversation demands your attention, now I think, so does music. I hesitate from playing music and not listening to it anymore. This was not even a concious decision! It’s just not cool to code/study anymore while listening to music! That of course is my opinion. There is a downside to this discovery, I spend more time just listening :)!

Music offers interesting puzzles
Music maps to moods, the way you feel and other projections from within yourself. The more concrete and scientific projections however, are chords, notes, progressions and rhythym, to name a few of the things I picked up along the way. I usually stop, listen hard, and think, what are the chords being played on that guitar? What is the strumming like? Which strings are being picked?

Music has a message
Whether it be intense, subtle or garbled, the artist is trying to convey something to you. I hope you will be listening the next time she talks :).

4 Non Blondes – What’s up for Acoustic guitars

This is an Easy Song 🙂 to play on your acoustic

Is a steady 4/4 rhythym of A; Bm; D; A

Strumming Pattern
This is how I think it goes:
(1) Down (2) Down – up (3) Down – up (4) Down – up – miss – up

followed by a transition to the next chord
Agreed, I still need to perfect this, so that it sounds good

Hahn Huang’s explanation of the same (with lyrics)
Chords mapped out

What am I doin with a guitar in my hand?

Searching the ruins of my mind.
Building a green environ.
Letting the vibes traverse the soul.
Allowing the rhythym to fill the heart.

Trying to forget, sometimes.
Other times, trying to remember.
Looking for a window.
And if I am lucky, perhaps an explanation.

The guitar is just a messenger.
What is important to me,
is the message.
Almost, as if the universe speaks!

Guitar links

For Beginners:
Basic Lessons [] []
Very first lesson []

It’s a bit early in the midnight hour for me
To go through all the things that I want to be
I don’t believe in everything I see
Y’know I’m blind so why d’you disagree
Take me away, cos I just don’t want to stay
And the lies you make me say
Are getting deeper every day
These are crazy days but they make me shine
Time keeps rolling by

Oasis-All around the world