Is your Toddler Using your iPad Touch?

In a recent feature, Bits NYTimes illustrated how toddlers were taking to Apps on the iPhone, iPad and other touch devices. Labs with toy makers Fisher-Price and LeapFrog are covered extensively in the article. The numbers published are astounding considering they want to reach out to the very young starting as early as 6 month-old’s. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn applications have been downloaded over 3 million times!

I’ve observed my son to be pretty hands-on with my laptop’s touchpad when watching his favorite youtube videos. I’d love to learn more about your own experience – do you have a toddler who’s warmed up to your touch device?

Applications include – story books, learning counting, singing along,

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Here’s a video of a 2 year old using an iPad to draw.

An update 9th September 2012. A study found that enhanced ebooks were distracting and children lost the narrative thread. Read more about it on the Guardian.