A Different Kind of Light

Margeurite Theophil writes about how we needed to embrace darkness (Learn to Love the Dark). I thought it was a wonderful article, one that asks that we flip our mind and consider a new way of looking at darkness. In an idealist sense, darkness as simply another kind of light.

A few hours ago, I drove around town looking for an open store to buy diapers. Amidst the smoke of bursting crackers, illuminating sky rockets and the lights from the numerous structures I thought to myself, I’d like to wish you a different kind of Diwali. Perhaps a quiet, smokeless Diwali. A Diwali that will allow you to gaze upon the true, awe-inspiring, all pervasive night sky, its medley of infinite stars and the Milky Way. The same night sky we always have above our heads, obscured and ignored.

So with that wish in mind, Wish you a Happy Diwali!