Stare back, don’t waver

“You could not afford to let the opposition know when you were hurt. They’d stand up and look you in the eye. I’d look back and we’d have this little staring match for a while. You know you’ve got the better of them by the time they turn around, get past the umpire and get back to their mark – they will take a little look around to see if you’re still looking, I’d be still looking. That’s when they know that you’re serious.”

Viv Richards, on facing the Australian fast bowling and intimidation in the 1979 West Indies tour of Australia. Quotes and pictures taken from Fire in Babylon.

Australia hits a wall at the WACA

Cricketing History has been made!

It was incredible to watch Ishant Sharma nail Ricky Ponting and push the Aussies on the back foot. He is only 19 years old! The Indians played methodically and kept the pressure on the Australians in the morning as well as through the afternoon session.

Here is the famous conversation between Kumble and Sehwag over persisting Ishant against Ponting. Ishant had already bowled 10 and Kumble was about to pull him out of the attack.

Meri baat maano… Ponting strike par hai aur ladka (Ishant) rhythm mein hai (Ponting is on strike and the boy is in rhythm)“.

Kumble then asked Ishant, “Ek aur karega? (Would you bowl one more?).

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13th January, 2001 @ 11:00 PM.

Things have not really been easy this week. Considering how tough it is to decode MSN’s SPA, phew, I should cry for help, does anyone know anything about the details of this protocol ! The Table Tennis Tournament at Persistent is moving along well, heres a neat picture of the Cricket team with me in the lower right hand corner in Jeans and a Maroon T-Shirt :). Also with me from right to left last row, is Hemant, Amit and sitting in the row directly above me is Jaidev. I will be moving to Vijays house for atleast a week, man I am going to miss my home quite a bit. 26 days of driving lessons works out to 4 weeks. I hope and pray Pradeep gets well!

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