Before you join Computer Science

All you folks planning an MS in Computer Science this year, this link is for you.
Its a presentation given to Undergraduates by one of the smarter PhD’s around
here ;). I especially liked the bit about the knowledge spectrum. The overview
of technologies also includes game programming. What is really interesting
is the attrition rate of students hopping off from Computer Science to
Information Technology.

February begins

Its now the final run, 3 weeks more and I am all done… the January Thaw has set.
The weather is pleasant now, really enjoyable. I have been allotted space in the
applied computing lab, its a wonderful place to work. Reminds me of the time I
spent in PSPL. There is one thing really neat about the place, its the fact that
cubicle walls are missing and instead directly face a HUGE french window looking
out at a large snow covered stretch of land dotted with Pine Trees. The ambience
does make you want to work harder, its true.

Algorithms in Computer Science

The algorithms exam really had me thinking for some time. Although I lost most
marks to carelessness, I really did not have an idea to solve this problem "
Give an O (V+E) algorithm to find shortest paths from a single source for
a directed weighted graph with edge weights only 1 and 2." As it ironically
turns out, this brainteaser has a sarcastically easy solution. If you pester me
enough I shall reveal it to you 🙂

This weekend is a busy one, with work required on the project and on a proposal
for research studies.

Ariel Compact Saves the Day

This is a story about a Kitchen Cloth. This is not an ordinary kitchen cloth of
course, its story is akin to that of a Vietnamese War hero :). Having been
through hell, the cloth carries scars of Haldi powder, dried milk, vegetable
gravy. In fact methinks you can tell our last 2 months menu by just looking at
that cloth.

It wiped everything off the kitchen bar and the Stove, including the grimiest
muck, however, it never seemed to be destined to be washed. Today morning
when I opened it up, its wounds stank hard ! Yuck !

Thank god for mom who packed my bags with Ariel Compact, now the cloths
smelling neat and clean.

Stress Week

The stress week begins, my friend put me off to sleep yesterday, very grateful
for that. If I had not slept I would probably screw up later on this week. I hear
you can develop Dementia from lack of sleep. hehe !!

Distributed Artificial Intelligence

I have begun work on my Distributed Artificial Intelligence project with several
email exchanges with my professor Michael Van Wie.

Mike is an excellent person and I know that it is going to be a good experience
to work for him. Soon enough the project website will be up for this one too.
This project also looks like it is going to be a lot more long-term like the Data
Mining project to mine weblogs.

I am also looking at the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Or should I call it ‘Santosh’s
perpetual dilemma.

The week ahead is going to be tough unfortunately, with mid-terms and project
and homework deadlines interleaved. But thats the way it is here at RIT. Plans
don’t work, execution does.

CS New Building

Computer Science Department has moved to the New Building. !!!

Large and spacious, the CS department now has an entire floor dedicated
to themselves. My perspective, this does not really compare to Bhageraath
but atleast now I know my dollars are’nt going down the drain. The building
maybe modern, but for now the facilities and Computers will remain the same.
This only reinforces my decision to stay with RIT.

Pictures will be put up here very soon !

Empty feeling in my head all weekend

Thats probably what happens when your working too hard :).

I have come up to the part where Frodo Baggins or Mr Underhill meets the
Ranger who goes by the name of ‘Strider’ at the Bree. There is still a long way
to go and things are only getting better. Had to shut myself up in the room
and block away all the other thoughts of work to read further.

Meanwhile, a post on Slashdot on Spam Filtering using Bayes work has
thrown up a lot more links. Google here can also tell you more about the
Bayes Filter.
Mac OS X also has a Bayes Filter.

I also managed to get part of my Distributed Systems Project 3 proposal done.
Now I have to make a choice between using Kerberos or SSL to implement
Symmetric Authentication. I am not clear exactly how the two divide in terms
of pros and cons.

Here are the sources for the Distributed Document Processor. You will also need
the Distributed Systems Course library from Professor Alan Kaminsky’s page.
It still uses rudimentary Makefiles, I have not got it to work perfectly just yet.
All the source is in Java. The license is a Gnu GPL of course.


Ladies and Gentlemen, a soft windy morning has turned into a HAIL OF PURE
WHITE SNOW , VIVA ROCHESTER, and the Snow continues to fall accompanied
by heavy chilly freezing arctic winds :). Superlatives ain’t enough to describe the
experience ! Its November 1st, well the timing is amazing. All the locals said,
wait till November !! Anyway, I better get out and enjoy this cold afternoon !