1868 Crittenden Road goes Wireless

We are finally wireless, 3 laptops one Wireless Router and a lot of chaos in
the airwaves. 1868 Crittenden Road, Apartment 7 has gone totally Wireless.

Until yesterday all of us were sitting bunched up on a single large table
connected to a LAN so that we could get our work done.

Does this really make a difference? Well the quality of life is going to be a
lot different. Whats my total investement, about a $110 :(. But it was
necessary to split the Internet anyway so that all of us can work together.

Halloween Memo 8

Here ye Here ye all !! Microsoft are out with their Halloween Memo #8. For those mortals that are uninitiated to mundane Microsoft Rituals, the Halloween memo is traditionally circulated by the top brass every …Yes I knew you would get it, every Halloween. The intention of the memo is to plan publicity efforts against the current largest competition (read the Enemy) and to ensure readiness.

I really appreciated the first couple of comments by Eric S Raymond, I quote:
Everybody remember the Gandhi quote?

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Gentlemen and ladies, this newest leaked memo from Microsoft confirms that
we are advancing through GandhiCon Three.

You can find the rest of the memo here.

The Next Generation Internet

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are lucky to be in the age where we can experience the birth of the next generation of Internet services. I shall not be so crude by drawing a parallel to a supernova since we already have witnessed the birth of the Internet, but yes, this is significant.

A couple of months back I blogged about the 802.11b networks sprouting up in coffee shops and airports, allowing people to connect to the network in an ad-hoc manner. Wireless internet will mean that we will witness the proliferation of such networks nationwide. By nationwide I mean the USA, although I would be much happier if I meant India.

How far ahead am I? Well I do have a neat notebook pc, I am still looking for deals on a wireless card though. Once my scholarship increment comes through, It won’t be so difficult to get hold of a good deal on the card. Patience always pays off.


Today is Halloween ! Everyones dressed up in neat costumes. I think I even
noticed Cleopatra on Capmus. Jasons there too, so are the Pirates. Yesterday,
I turned in my paper and I should say it is still in draft stages.
I think I aimed too high and the paper turned out to be quite a mess of ideas.
I am worried about the grade I might get on the paper. I hope it will be fine.

I have a lot to do this weekend (again !!!).

I will be investigating the use of Bayesian Networks to filter spam.
Paul Graham has an excellent article on the same topic.
Good to see that Microsoft research is being rivalled in the Open Source
Paul Grahams work has also been implemented.

The STARE web page needs a lot of work too.

On Monday I maybe initiated as a proper research assistant and STARE might
get a lot of exposure with the higher levels in RIT. I also have to build a specification for
Distributed Systems Project # 3 and on similar lines a client plugin for Outlook(TOP SECRET).

It was a tough week thus, I just about managed to submit the paper. Two days
of not having slept is now catching up with me, I do feel really washed out
and relieved that the weekend is near. I need to Plan more meticulously.
Things probably won’t fall apart so easily then. Maybe I get the feeling that
I am overcommitting myself.

More Links:
Spam filtering Resources at MIT