A Tel Maalish from your local barber shop, at Rs 25/- !! Dimaag ka darwaza khul jayega, bholaprasad mere yaar, ek baar try kar le. Maja aa gaya. While driving back, the stress of 9am traffic seemed so distant. On having driven home, most of the throbbing in my head was GONE. Tel Maalish is usually a combination exotic Indian oils, a firm hand and patience. It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. Bhai, acha sa maalish kardo! It started with my granny and extended as a form of expression later as I grew up. If you love someone, actions will always speak louder than words sir! Go massage that lower back and relieve her stress 🙂

If your in India do try it out. In related news, the local government plans to ban Massage parlours since they suspect gents misuse the parlour for the massage ladies 🙂 This came from the bhaiyya who was giving me a propah (read between the lines) torso massage.

times here have changed

People, India is currently riding on a very fruitful wave of economic upturn. The other day, an employment newspaper carried atleast 4 ads for walk-in interviews with major employers. The ads were, needless to say, directed towards Software Architects and Developers.

While I myself, am not in a position to “join immediately” as one of the ads implored, I am certainly tempted to go through the process. This is especially justifiable, since I have already killed 2 weeks in Pune with dial-up as my only work conduit. (Bah excuses)

A lot of people are skeptical about what the upturn means.

For starters, some point out it will be short-lived, this is of course in the backdrop of an earlier extreme rise and fall in Software. However, some do pass on relevant reasons too:
1. Lack of infrastructure
2. Red Tape
3. Lack of quality
4. Lack of job satisfaction

While these reasons point towards slowing down of the upturn, they don’t necessarily imply a negative trend.

In the United States on the other hand, not one of the companies I have come across are recruiting this aggressively. I believe its more of a process of consolidation.

After a long time, ironically, the atitude in India reflects independance, optimism and hope and yet it depends on one simple explanation: the resurgence of capitalism, greed and efficiency in the North American continent!


My trip looks like this
Seattle (6hrs) -> Chicago (4hrs) -> (8.5 hrs) London (2 hrs) ->(8.5 hrs) Mumbai

It was a harrowing flight, Air India wasn't the best of airlines.

I am exhausted and not upto the weather.
I am excited and disbelieving of the reality.
I am babbling and mostly working off all my energy.
I know that eventually one will come to grips with the situation and work it.
I loved eating Chana Bhatura at Udupi Palace, now that I can enjoy the same everyday, I am too ill to do so 🙂 Ironic!

Life goes on

At work, it feels wierd? No not at all, usual work day!

Two links
Blogging activity in RIT
Cheap Guju

For those who don’t know what a Cheap Guju is, a Cheap Guju is a ‘Desi’ or Asian who is particularly skimpy and tries to stretch the Dollar, sometimes too far. Its all a bit of humour, no offence intended. In fact I stretched the dollar too and I shall continue to do so as long as my bank balance remains in 2 – 3 digits.

Good ol’ Pune

There is a particular fragrance about Pune during the Winter, mingled in a slight chill, with the smell of humid climes about and a hint of a sweet fragrance from your sweets! I can almost smell it all around me now, I know I am really excited about going home.

Homeground Soccer

Indian Soccer is getting a little more coverage this year. 2003 saw the Tata Group hosting the Indian Federation Cup. Thanks to the Internet, the event was able to reach a wider audience and issue a challenge to Crickets dominance over the country. While the Federation Cup is the equivalent of the FA Cup in UK, the National Football League would be a parallel to the Premier League. (I can hear people smirking alread 🙂 ). And of course, there is also the Santosh Trophy ;). This year Mahindra United trounced Mohammedan sporting in the Federation Cup in Soccer crazy Kolkata. Most of us will remember that Kolkata gave the biggest welcome to the FIFA World Cup last year. On the world stage we are ranked at 131.

The day ends

Well, that was an awesome match. I saw an extremely aggressive Indian team
hold their own and rip apart a dispirited Pakistani attack. However, I never
really thought the Indians had the match wrapped up. The match see sawed
quite a bit. In the end, I was surprised by the show of atitude, commitment
and character from the Indians.

Ind v Pak

Things could have been a lot worse for India than 270 odd for the opposition.
Been watching the game since early morning. Fantastic batting by Saeed
Anwar, he always seems to have this knack for pulping India.