The word sukshma (सूक्ष्म) was originally uncovered in an Oxford Hindi-English dictionary when searching for a name for this blog. It has roots in vedic text to describe the subtle, or that which cannot be experienced through common senses – a cool thought to begin exploring the underlying mechanics of our worlds.

A few highlighted posts that I would like any visitor to read:

About me: Inspired by the TV show character Doogie Howser MD and the online blogging trend, I wrote my first blog online in 2000. Raised in Pune, I’ve seen a little bit of the world before coming back in search of myself.

I’m chief geek at deAzzle where we’re helping small business and their customers connect and transact with each other. We’ve helped newspaper vendors, beauty salons, garment retailers and bhaajiwalas reach new customers online. It’s built so that you can operate your small business on a smartphone. deAzzle is available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

My works online include tinkeron.com – an online lab for tinkering with ideas, punestartups.org – a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and startups in Pune, dubzer – an experiment in the translation of digital content online by humans and machines, BookEazy.com – an online movie ticket booking service that delighted several thousand movie-goers in Pune.

I work out of Pune, India. Get in touch by leaving me a comment here with what you’ve got on your mind, or on skype where I am ‘sdawara’.