The Origin of my Thoughts

A direct question posed by a child, that I learned to ask today,

“What do you think makes our thoughts?”

There are a huge number of different answers out there. The answer that matters to you is the only one that matters.

Science Fair Entries from India

You’ve got to admire the raw potential of the missions, relevance, the inventive spirit behind these projects. And these are just school students.

  • Tackling water wastage in Indian cities. My apartment block continues to face a severe water crisis, so does some parts of the city and we could use some help.
  • Organic molecules that respond to visible light – think fuel that regenerates itself in sunlight.
  • Low cost, multi-level farms to increase farm land.

Read the entire article on the Hindu.

Water Cuts Now Over

Starting this weekend, Kundan Park is now getting clean(er) water almost around the clock from the civic pipes. A huge relief for me as we can now reduce our dependence on the borewell.

Time to refocus and get on with work!