Eagerly Awaiting the Monsoons

Kundan Park continues to get through the summer on water drawn from borewell contaminated with e-coli. I’m not sure how many food poisoning cases were a direct result of this.

Thanks to the shakeup from to the reduced water supply I learned a couple of things. We’re getting less water than we ought to get for a building of our size. As the flats above the 2nd floor in Kundan park are still ‘illegal’ – the PMC has not granted additional water to our building. That additional water could have obviated the need for residents to rely on digging an additional borewell and installing a submerged pump.

The groundwater drawn was clean initially. After a couple of days it turned yellow and stank to high heaven. Lab test results confirmed that the water had higher than normal levels of e-coli.

Of course, we’ve been extremely careful with the water we’re using for our toddler. The residents here are also considering a central UVĀ filtrationĀ unit. All this can be frustrating at times and I’m wondering what will fix this.

Monsoons are predicted to arrive in Maharashtra around June 7th while investigative reporters are wondering if the whole idea of water cuts was botched in the first place.

How is your water supply working out?