Facebook will IPO at $100Bn

A company who’s primary driver is the intellectual capital of 100’s of millions of people, 10’s of thousands of developers,
A company that wants to increase the value of ‘brand’ above everything else by driving down the value of privacy.

Interesting times indeed …

The apologies of Zuckerberg.

Farhad Manjoo, Slate.com

This might seem obvious: Facebook is on the Internet, and the Internet’s main function is to distribute information—of course Facebook can’t be private. That photo you just shared with “friends only”? Not only is it now stored on dozens of Facebook servers across the planet, but it has also lodged itself into each of your friends’ browser caches. What’s more, any of your “friends” is free to grab a screenshot of your image and spread it to the wider world. At best, then, the “privacy controls” on Facebook (or Google+, for that matter) should be regarded as aspirational, the most optimistic scenario for your data. Friends only, hopefully.