SeventyMM featured on GigaOm

GigaOM talks about SeventyMM – “SeventyMM, India’s Netflix”.

The write-up is bullish, with talk of breaking even within the next 18 months in every city they hit. The delivery system is also mentioned, SeventyMM chose to go the private courier/delivery system route simplifying their own operations and controlling lost merchandise en-route. SeventyMM is very keen on going nation-wide although the timing seems rather odd (for example, they will be in Pune 2007).

Seventymm is already up and running in Bangalore and Delhi. And thanks to a $7 million infusion from venture firm Matrix Partners India, announced earlier this week, it will start in Mumbai by the end of this year, in Kolkata and Hyderabad by the first quarter of 2007, and in second-tier cities, of the size of Kanpur and Chandigarh, by the end of 2007.

I should make a slight correction to my earlier post on SeventyMM, SeventyMM does work with depositary participation, and not just a pure service-fee structure. They do require a deposit of Re 999/- that covers the two DVD’s that you can have.

RIM releases the BlackBerry Pearl, without the wheel

September always promises some excellent new phones. What a shocker :-), RIM has done away with the (almost) trademark scroll wheel at the side of their phones. Instead, they now have a directional track-ball and a beautiful product called the BlackBerry Pearl. The Pearl was released on September 8th this year and carries the standard set of features one can expect from the BlackBerry line of Business phones, Quad-band, EDGE enabled. Enhancements include a MicroSD slot (a first) and an expanded Bluetooth application profile.

The sticker price is $200 which appears to be incredibly cheap. At that rate, I can aspire to own one in the near future. The phone also ships with the BlackBerry Internet Service which allows up to 10 corporate and personal e-mail accounts.

AirTel GPRS settings for prepaid users – Nokia 6230

Important: To those who found this page while searching for settings for airtel gprs. Make sure you have activated Mobile Office first. As far as I know, Mobile Office or AirTel GPRS is not free for prepaid users. If you were to e-mail me – please note that I cannot help you if your phone is very different from a Nokia 6230, 6030, N-series, 3030 and some of the other standard Nokia gadgets.

Your best bet is probably to visit an AirTel shop like I did. If you must do it yourself – the AirTel GPRS access-point in Pune (and maybe other cities) is Try setting that on your phone. There is no username and password needed, but you need to have activated Mobile Office as shown in AirTel pre-paid GPRS Activation and Usage.

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Finally received GPRS settings for my phone. All I did was stop by my local AirTel prepaid shop, they fixed up my Nokia 6230 for GPRS usage.

While speaking to the salesmen at the shop, I requested for the settings to be (at least) written down so that I might share them here. Unfortunately, the gentleman who was aware of how the Nokia 6230 should be set up refused to write the instructions down (odd?). He setup the phone and handed it over.

After a quick glance at my phone settings, I could figure out he had made the following changes: Go into Settings >> Connectivity >> GPRS >> GPRS modem settings. Alias for access point was “Airtel live!” and GPRS access point was “” (Update: Turns out, these settings are really rubbish – the settings in the next paragraph are the ones that work).

Step out of Settings, go back into Web >> Settings >> Connection Settings. Create a new Connection set by selecting an (empty) slot. Edit the new connection settings, call it “Mobile office“, set your home page, disable all proxies, select “GPRS” as the data bearer. Select Bearer settings, set the GPRS access point to ““, authentication type “normal“, login type “automatic“. Leave the username and password as empty.

Let me know if this works for you. Remember to activate GPRS. by sending over SMS “GPRSACT” to 511. Also remember that they are charging Re 12/- per day.

Web and GPRS network-enabled applications started to work fine immediately after.

How do you say “nonsense” in Kannada?

Every now and then, bureaucracy in India will go and do something very, very unusual.

Bangalore: Over 1,400 schools in Karnataka have been asked to shut down because they use English as the medium of instruction.

The Karnataka government insists that the medium of instruction has to be Kannada. Royal School, which operated on the basis of government approval, in South Bangalore was among the schools found teaching in English.

A 1994 government order makes it compulsory for all government-recognised schools to use only Kannada as the medium of instruction till Class V.

“We came to know that schools have to close down. Like us, nearly 1,400 schools that teach in English have to shut down immediately. De-recognition means the government withdraws permission and we are left wondering what to do next,” says Joseph Ravi, principal of Royal School.

The crackdown means that over 4.5 lakh children suddenly won’t be learning and parents wondering what’s the solution.


Z Corp – Rapid Prototype 3D Printers for Concept Modeling

Another tech-entrepreneur at work! Z-Corp offices are located in Pune. While I am not very savvy as far as Industrial design and modeling is concerned – I believe that if this product really can do what it claims it can, it probably carries several patents with it.

Z Corp – Rapid Prototype 3D Printers for Concept Modeling

From what I am given to understand, think of the model in CAD/CAM, feed the digital design to the printer and it will accurately render it for you, layer by layer within hours. Question is, what 3D models will it fail to render? An (unfair?) example was of two rings interlocked in a chain fashion such that the rings can still move.

I am very interested in the method itself. Coming up with an algorithm to render objects in reality is hardly trivial. As is evident, I enjoyed my Engineering Graphics in undergraduate college!


Omkara is Vijay Bharadwaj’s adaptation of Othello set in contemporary Uttar Pradesh. He has stuck diligently to the tragic undertones of the original drama even if it meant a huge departure from the usual bollywood fare. It seems there does exist a market for hindi films other than the usual – overseas that is :-). The promotional material associated with the movie is totally geared towards those in the US and the UK (here is the list of US theatre’s playing Omkara).

I am now officially looking to Saif Ali Khan as one of the best actors of the current genre. Of the frontline crew (Ajay Devgan – Omkara, Vivek Oberoi – Kesu, Saif – Langda Tyagi, Kareen K. – Dolly, Konkona Sen) Saif convinced me that he is an absolute bad-ass UP gunda. With his suede boots, worn-out rifle, and perfect UP-hindi, Langda Tyagi was fearsome and effective! I actually listened with anticipation when Saif spoke Tyagi’s mind. It is unbelieveable that Saif discovered inside himself the bronzed character that is Othello’s Iago.

(Spoiler alert) Act 1, Scene 1 belongs to Tyagi. Tyagi is chatting with Rajju on top of a small hillock. He is shown to have halted Rajju’s baraat. Omkara intends to thwart Rajju’s wedding by robbing him of his bride to be, Omkara’s heart-throb Dolly. Tyagi is given the job of making sure the groom does not make it. Rajju can’t believe Tyagi’s mission, laughs it off “chal jhutta”. After all Tyagi and Rajju are very close friends. In a spine-chilling response, Tyagi picks up his rifle and takes aim. He says in a raspy, low, half-joking manner Mai jhutta to kute ka jannaaur saccha to teri ma ki khasam…” and then fires into Rajju’s biraadri.

The emerging alternative genre of hindi films is thoroughly enjoyable. Who wants to watch Jennifer Aniston in “break up” ;-), or Shah Rukh and Abhishek B. in “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” when I can watch an incredibly rich, surreal world re-enacted on celluloid just for me (us :-)). Of course the multiplex guys here (in Pune) hate the same – just the other day a manager of a local multiplex ranted that the newer movies weren’t pulling in the crowds. Hence the emphasis on the overseas market, I guess.

Other movies in Hindi worth watching from this year,

  • Hazaaron Khwaishein aisi,
  • Rang De Basanti, hope this list grows…