Time: Google’s chief looks ahead

Google’s chief – Eric Schmidt speaks about the silver bullet in business – partnerships. Eric is usually rather honest in his interviews which is what makes them so interesting to read.

The new technology thrust that is unravelling is in terms of video online, Search, Exchange, Edit, Annotate, Popularize, Promote name it there is a web 2.0 site out there that is doing it. Google themselves are partnering with MTV.

Google’s chief looks ahead.

From the Bigger Boat site,

Entertainment isn’t what it used to be. From big media company blockbusters to two minute videos created by individuals armed with an imagination and a camera, entertainment comes in many forms. Much of it now targets the individual instead of the masses. With so many services competing for our attention, we find ourselves asking, “Does it work on my iPod?, Is this the free version with ads?, Can I burn this to disc?” While the Internet gives us access to much of this content, there hasn’t been a simple way to find and filter it.

BiggerBoat gives people a better way to search and discover entertainment. From the top of the charts to the long-tail of consumer generated content, we’re developing a resource that gives consumers an accurate picture of what’s out there. We’re doing this by creating a single powerful Index of information coming from a variety of sources – the freely available Web; members-only services; and information that you just can’t get anywhere on the Internet, until now.