Manjunath – will he get Justice?

Ever wondered about the Manjunath Shanmugam trial? “Two witnesses turn hostile“, Indian Express.

One of them, Rajendra Singh, denied that he had heard gun shots on the night of November 19 last year, when Manjunath was shot dead. Rajendra’s house is next to the petrol pump were Manjunath was allegedly killed. He was cross-examined by the District Government Counsel, Chandra Mohan Singh.

The other witness who turned hostile today was Balwinder. However, prosecution lawyers claimed that they had successfully extracted the evidence from both the witnesses.

The question now is – have we (as a nation) made it a habit turn hostile? Does the media turn hostile? I think I was lucky to have found Indian Express carrying that article. Or do we just occasionally suffer from collective amnesia?

Kanan wrote (in reply to my earlier post on Priyadarshini Mattoo):

The investigating agencies (police and CBI), the prosecutors and the judiciary have collectively failed to serve the cause of justice in this country. When they can do wrong so brazenly in cases of English speaking elite living in the national capital, one can very well imagine the fate of ordinary justice seekers not fortunate enough to live in the metros.

If your a victim, more than justice – you need swift justice.