Justice for Priyadarshini Mattoo

(October 17th, 2006) Santhosh Kumar Singh Convicted of Priyadarshini Mattoo’s murder.
Justice for Priyadarshini Mattoo [ourpriyadarshini.org].

Delayed Justice = Injustice [justice4priyadarshini.blogspot.com].

(Added) Protest over 1996 student murder [BBC News, South Asia].

Those in the Delhi area are probably aware that a rally will be held at India Gate on the 23rd of July, 2006. 23rd July is Priyadarshini’s birthday. The rally is to get the authorities to listen to our demands for justice and for a retrial of her murder case. The main accused was acquitted in an earlier trial due to alleged destruction of evidence and false testimony by both the Central Bureau of Investigation, India and the Delhi Police. From ourpriyadarshini.org, the judge who tried the case has gone on record stating that the DNA evidence had been tampered with, false evidence had been created and false testimonies had been submitted by the Police.

Priyadarshini was raped and murdered on January 23rd, 1996 in Delhi. The perpetrator has been free for the last 10 years. Please spread the word, join in the rally, or make a donation towards her case. This is important – our chance to show that we want to punish those responsible.

From ourpriyadarshini.org,

The CBI internally investigated their own people. They found fraud and concealment of evidence. Under new management, they appealed the case in April 2000 and the Court accepted and intends to hear it one day. On October 17, 2000 the Delhi High Court rejected the CBI’s appeal to have the accused arrested while the case was waiting to be heard. The case has remained pending since 2000.

Justice 4 Priyadarshini