On anti-reservation protests and students dying

"Sorry for giving a very bad news, it may be one of the worst news after the Independence. Subhash Srivastav an AIIMS student died at 6:44 pm on 20-05-2006, because of hunger strike, protesting against reservation. The media is not allowed to cover it. Please pass this to all…."Sounds familiar? Many such messages have blinked on mobile phones and on e-mails not only across the country, but the entire globe. Till date however, striking doctors at AIIMS have vehemently denied the existence of any such person and categorically stated that such messages must have been started by those with evil intentions.

"When the horses lie" – The Times of India.

In my opinion, the media is pro "anti-reservation" and you can bet that a number of people will raise a stink if the government does something stupid. Are we not already raising enough of a stink with the quotas?