SeventyMM sets an ambitous target

Cool to hear that startup are bullish about the future. They are targeting $110Mn in revenues by 2010 [ContentSutra]. is also carrying a story from April 29th, 2006 – “ targets 500 crores in revenue…”.

From the article – their management believes the key to growth is not only the main market segment, Bollywood and Hollywood selections, but also the ability to provide regional selections and other eclectic selections (for example, art movies). The long tail of the DVD business!

SeventyMM have also shown their willingness to tie up with partners to provide movie-mood food to their subscribers through coupons and promotions. The pilot is currently available in Bangalore and so far the feedback has been limited but very positive.

Question is – what is the turnaround time for each DVD/VCD delivery? Anything greater than 3 days will leave me very unhappy.

One obvious point SeventyMM missed out on was DVD’s over VCD’s :). They were flexible and smart enough to catch up on that one quickly.

If anyone from Bangalore is reading this, I would really appreciate it if you could provide some insight on the viral promos!

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