brokentooth: V for Vangibath

Original Story: "V for Vangibath", brokentooth. I thought I would share with you a hilarious story about a Tamil graduate student with University of Arizona (I think) who was shadowed by the FBI in Madras and back in the states. BTW what are the FBI (or CIA I imagine) doing in Madras? Thanks to Desipundit for the story.

V's at the supermarket one Sunday morning, doing some grocery shopping (actually, I think at the time, he was on all fours, groping around at the back of a freezer for a can of plain yogurt – since eating strawberry curd rice isn't very appealing – and generally being rather cutely desi about the whole thing). Whilst he goes about his un-fruitful yogurt pursuit with steely resolve, his phone rings. He picks it up, and a grim voice on the other end says Hi, I'm calling from the FBI.

I should mention, I think, that our confused friend V has just started his job search process. Even so, his immediate thought process is rather hilarious:

This is odd, V thinks. I don't remember applying to the FBI for a job.