Random conversations

AirTel postpaid seems like a good bet. I heard that AirTel also has prepaid data plans which might be worth looking into.

My Brother threw out a real shocker today. He asked me to move in with my parents while he thought he would take the individual apartment below :). That suggestion made me nervous.

A friend suggested that apart from her friends and family, she missed most were the random conversations, and the honesty of the folks who she worked with in India.

While walking down Bhandarkar Road today, I felt humbled. This place can do that to you. No life in the States to go back to anymore. The noise and air pollution are definitely the worst ever. People seemed to have stopped caring altogether.

I was in for a surprise in the morning. Friend, Ex-Bishopite, and now associate Director of Everest Brand Solutions – Vijay Lalwani showed up on MSNBC “showbox” this morning. It was an awesome experience to watch Vijay talk about the Fevicol radio ad. Way to go Vijay!