Mann yeh Baanwra

Thursday, April 6th: My fellow workers took me out to lunch and gifted me a t-shirt that said “There is no place like” on the front. Nathan picked it out.

Friday, April 7th: My last day with the Blackberry Internet Service team at Research in Motion. The shock and situation finally settled in when I got home at 4pm. I keep telling friends I will see them soon. 🙂 Someone pointed out that it was something you would say when your planning not to see them. But I really do. I am going to be saving money for a flight back here!

Saturday, April 8th: My last resident day in the Greater Seattle area. It poured non-stop between 10am and is still pouring (2pm) outside. Stared outside the window at the rain coming down, melancholy :). The Chirico trail on Tiger mountain is probably not a great idea today. Now I am sure I took the red pill and had my moment on Friday. Peace.

Earlier in the morning Vishal and I almost got side-rammed when a GMC SUV driver decided to change lanes two times in quick succession without checking his blind spot. A few edgy moments, it felt like we had met the worst driver in Issaquah. 🙂 I’m glad we dealt with that quickly and peacefully.

I am still wondering what to do with the poster of Kurt Cobain (Unplugged) on my wall. I am glad to have experienced Grunge live at its home.

I am convinced that I want to be everywhere and anywhere all the time.