David Seah: Stay focused

For those who are working on their own, there is no one standing behind you to motivate you, to push you forward in your career. I recommend finding mentors, but they cannot be around you all the time. David Seah has found an excellent method of staying focused even when your working alone and has documented it. This is a good read for those who want to be able to motivate themselves. I used a similar method to get through my thesis in graduate school, so I know it can work.

I love the freedom of being a freelancer, but sometimes I wish someone with vision and drive whispered encouragement in my ear: “Good work, Dave! This Flash project you’re working on is a key part of our interactive marketing strategy! All the pieces are falling into place!” But since I work alone, it’s my job to keep myself motivated and away from the dozens of daily distractions that suck productivity out of the day: