On arguments and fear

Of all the arguments that I have heard against returning to India, the argument that was posed repeatedly was "You do realize that if you leave it will be very hard for you to come back to the States".

Usually, the argument implies that immigration and jobs, together would be the toughest hurdle when attempting to return. The argument is also banking on the fact that USA is where we legal immigrant workers (H1-B's) can really make money without risking too much. Also, that USA is still the first choice for technology workers. Above all, the crux of the argument is – that eventually I will regret my decision and think about coming back to the USA. It will be too late then.

Is it true that even we, who only recently migrated to the USA, have learnt to live in the grip of fear and be risk-averse?

Frankly, I was just tired of sitting on the fence. I wanted my own growth to match my ability to create value for others. I wanted to be with my family. I did not want to walk Interns here through the nuances of technology, knowing that I could dedicate the same amount of time and effort to my younger sibling if I were in the same timezone as he was. I am looking to Impact the right people and environment. Think about your social security money which can never be yours until and unless you finish 10 years in the states. I can't stand a one-sided raw deal. I also wanted to eat some real Biryani for once without having to travel to San Francisco's famous Chutneys ;).

I promise myself – if I ever find myself thinking of going back to the States for good, I will head over to Golconda in Koregaon park for some Hyderabadi Biryani and think about what my contribution to my immediate community can be :).