Bush to the rest of the world: India is worth the bargain

NYTimes: U.S. Give India Applause. NYTimes, March 5th 2006. Somini Sengupta.

George bush, the Texas businessman who ran god knows how many oil companies into the ground, has endorsed India as an economic bargain. With all due respect to the readers of this blog from Pakistan, I don’t quite enjoy his duplicity. However, the blog is to mark the realisation of the Manmohan Singh’s vision. His vision, that India will apply its economic strengths to pull itself up in the world stage – is now reality. The view on India is generally upbeat. Some of the hype may still be unfounded. Perhaps a little late, but its about time.

On the same note, I am returning to India permanently mid-April. If your in the area (Pune), or in Seattle – I’d love to meet up for a drink.