India is headed for a full stop

Original Blog: India, Infrastructure and resistance to Globalization. Economist’s view.

To summarise, The author correctly questions the hype around India. Is the hype preventing Indians from solving the real problems there? Lack of infrastructure, lack of belief in reformist legislation can easily prevent India from converting the increase in global interest into fundamental growth.

On reviewing the blog (not the original article, subscription required), I was not surprised to see mass transit cited as one of the primary reasons why Bangalore is no longer the default city of choice when setting up a technology business. To quote, “The city no longer works in a way that unleashes the creative potential of those who live here.”

I could not have put the problems that folks face there in a better way. After inching along the streets of Bangalore at less than 20 miles per hour, spending thirty minutes at popular stop-lights, I am sure your way too tired to do anything spectacular.