Potty India

Original Article: “Devil’s Advocate: Go to Pot“. Sauvik Chakravarti for Times of India.

An excerpt to whet your appetite.

I then paid the priest some money. That is when I decided to perform ‘an experiment with truth’: I inquired of the priest: “Panditji, main is pavitra sthaan mein ek chillum peena chahta hoon.

In a follow-up to my earlier post, “Cultural Diversity, Harmony should be India‚Äôs strengths“, I wanted to highlight another aspect of Indian culture. Cannabis. One does not have to travel to Amsterdam [“Two thoughts from Amsterdam”, The Acorn] to enjoy this ritual escape of Sadhus, Rastafarians, and Mystics. It turns out, Hardwar will do just fine.Everyday I learn a new thing.