Revenue Science: Audience Monetization Program

Poking around, I found that Yuga (of was invited to participate in Revenue Science’s Audience Monetization Program or AMP (What?). I am not a great fan of marketing talk and gimmicks myself, but there maybe something more to this. The web advertisement revenue space is already choc-a-bloc with Google’s adSense and adWords promising to take up the lion’s share. So what’s new here? Apparently, it isn’t the same thing as adSense (or Chitika) as Yuga points out in his blog on AMP. He promises to reveal more as things go along. Then, someone from marketing at AMP leaves a comment on his blog with some more spin. Overall, it sounds like they know they are trying to squeeze into an already crammed phone booth.

Technical details are scarce. I know that they are planning on collecting anonymized behavioral data using javascript tags on web-pages. The data will then probably be crunched by Revenue Science to provide audience information (of what kind?). It isn’t entirely clear what they plan to do with that data or how a site like Yuga’s can use it and earn from it. In fact, now I’m thinking Google analytics with a – I’ll pay you to keep this data – spin.