DVD Jon :-) on the things he does not miss in Norway

10 things I don’t miss about Norway” – So sue me.

I especially like the mention of the Prosecutor who tried to portray Jon as a “member of an …” 🙂 you read the rest. Incidentally, Sony stole code from Jon (see “Sony DRM rootkit saga“). In the past when the likes of Kevin Mitnick stole code from the larger companies (or ideas) they were made to pay dearly. Big companies have the muscle to bring such ‘criminals’ to justice. But the reverse is so hard to accomplish. My guess is, the biggest problems Jon would face include, covering the costs of taking Sony to court, devoting time to proving Sony stole, and last but not the least even if Sony were to be found guilty they can always mitigate the bad rep. by claiming they never knew their developers stole. Well, life is never really ‘fair’ is it. I just hope Sony pay equally.