Research in Motion has prepared a workaround

Popular press has extensively covered the threat of a ban on sales of RIM devices and services. I am surprised that they have conveniently left out the fact that RIM has been doing it’s homework. This week, RIM CEO Jim Balsille announced at a large conference (UBS, New York) that a workaround is finished []. The details are not available at this time. It isn’t clear if the workaround will protect RIM against all patents. It isn’t clear what risks are associated with the workaround, is RIM expecting some downtime? Loss of revenue? Reduced functionality? They have promised a workaround for a while now, (see Research in Motion Promises Software Fix [The Street]). The workaround is being tested and will be deployed in the event the court enforces an injunction.

Negative reporting can be disheartening. Yesterday my mom called me up, worried, as mother’s always are. She asked me if was going to be out of a job anytime soon. CNBC (India) just reported that the clampdown was imminent. She thought, perhaps they would shut down our office too. Of course, the injunction won’t stop me from working. Then again, it isn’t going to help morale either.

Update: CNET lends credence to the workaround announced earlier. See “RIM creates patent workaround“, CNET.