News round up: Young Entrepreneurs

Another one of those blogs where the poster simply posts what he read today. Sure, lets not forget what this blog really is – a web journal :-).

I think it’s a privilege to be 20 something and able to risk it all on a venture that is close to your heart. I realise that not everyone makes it, but that doesn’t mean you should have to stop trying. Business week has a special report on the young entrepreneurs in North America.

Entrepreneurs: Cream of the Young Crop [Business week]
I especially enjoyed this slide show which walks you through each entrepreneur, his or her business idea, and the lessons they learnt from their experiences.

Tech’s Young Turks are back [Business week]

Teaching the startup mentality [Business week]

The Startup bug strikes early [Business week]

Don’t let ego kill the startup [Business week]

From hacker to protector [Business week]

Featured startups –
Voltage Security

Meanwhile, Paul Graham has been encouraging startups in his own way. Have a look through his essay “What I did this Summer” []. His Summer founders program has been spawning several ideas and motivating youngsters to chase those ideas.

Before you can start a business, you do need to start with an idea. You also need to know where that idea is going to be in the short-term, and at least a vague idea of the long-term. You need a business plan [].