Diwali across the Americas

Diwali was celebrated with much gusto in NYC, Vancouver, and other large cities in the U.S and Canada.

“This week, in a coincidence of calendars, Hindus and Muslims from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are celebrating the most joyous holidays of the year. Hindus observe the festival of lights, Diwali, or Deepavali, which ushers in the new year; Muslims finish the holy month of Ramadan with Id al-Fitr, which signals the end of the monthlong daytime fast and a return to the sweetness of daily life.” —
Festival of lights: Parade of Sweets [NYTimes]

“Grewal said when she grew up in England in the ’60s, her family and friends didn’t “feel free to celebrate any of our festivals.” She is pleased to be living in today’s multicultural society where the city supports such celebrations.” —
South asians invite everyone to city-wide Diwali celebrations [Vancouver Courier]

“In keeping with the Diwali custom of also lighting the outside of the home, Kamlesh Thakrar has strung up colourful outdoor lights. That initially confused his neighbours. “They all said, `What are you doing? Christmas is three months away,'” chuckles Thakrar, who immigrated to Canada in 1975 from a tight-knit community of Indian expatriates in Kampala, Uganda.The Thakrars are among hundreds of millions of Hindus around the world, including nearly 200,000 in Greater Toronto, who will celebrate Diwali, the beginning of a new year on the Hindu calendar.” —
Let there be lights [Toronto Star]

Devon Street in Chicago is probably having a blast. San Francisco will have the Bollywood Diwali Dhoom at the HP Center in San Jose.

Happy Diwali!!