Business Etiquette for PhD’s

I came across a short article on Business etiquette.

For Ph.D.’s looking for jobs outside of academe, the insularity of the ivory tower is often a handicap, but it doesn’t have to be. If you arm yourself with a solid knowledge of business etiquette and a sense of how academics are perceived by the outside world, you will have a better experience on the nonacademic market.

Speak Up, Shake Hands, and Smile; Chronicle Careers

Suggested books on business etiquette

In brief,

  • Business etiquette is necessary when dealing in the business world
  • Overdressed is fine, but dress appropriately
  • Rehearse a good handshake
  • Make frequent, sustained eye-contact, it is a sign of confidence
  • Work on nervousness/anxiety signs offline
  • Emphasize on precise written and spoken communication in different contexts
  • Practise the “elevator speech”
  • Practise your “airplane test”
  • Practise your small-talk skills
  • Be savvy when you write your e-mails, timing is important, so is content, and privacy
  • Don’t attempt communication when your upset, high on pot, or just plain out of sorts