Content Management System

This mornings inspiration:

I am thinking of a single unifying entity to define and present my presence on the web.

  • my presence Flickr, a photo blog
  • my presence on this blog
  • my presence on Orkut, Friendster, and LinkedIn
  • my presence on Forums
  • my presence on Yahoo! and MSN IM networks
  • my presence on Amazon (as a reviewer)
  • my presence on StumbleUpon
  • other sites that I own, including my student homepage
  • so many other places you could have a footprint

It shouldn’t be so hard to do? I’m sure Google and Yahoo are already thinking of the benefits if such a system. For them, they get huge amounts of customer data to mine and shape profiles from. While I don’t necessarily subscribe to that idea, I’d just prefer to be able to manage all my content. I am willing to be there is already a partial solution out there waiting to be tapped.