A Hilarious blog on the modest aaloo

On following a trail of blogs, I came across an analysis of the mystery of the potato and tomato [Amar Akbar Anthony].

In India, the tomato is known as – tamatar, and the potato is strangely called the aaloo and also the batata. The analysis tries to determine from where did the aaloo in the saag (spinach-potato) appear?

An excerpt:

Aaloo: A Hindutva Perspective?

What horror. Foreign vegetables have arrived and taken the names and identitity of our native vegetables! Further, the potatos are reproducing so heavily that they have taken over as the most populous vegetable, while elephant yams have become a minority in their own country. And did we mention the native vegetables had the name aaloo first! Historical injustices must be corrected, the potato must give up its claim on the name aaloo if it wants to stay in Desh!