Desi Stereotypes!

It’s fantastic that Gaurav Bhatnagars blogs his R2I (Return to India) :-).

He describes his first year after R2I fondly here

I repost my comment:
You’ve probably heard this comment before… “Starting your own company can be a *lot* more rewarding than getting a MBA”. How true is that? Personally, I would attach a lot more importance to what your doing now. Especially since you’ve decided to contribute directly to India’s economic and intellectual wealth (hmm, I enthusiastically 🙂 attach the word ‘wealth’ here since India is entering the information age ahead of every other developing nation).

To emphasize on the issue with stereotypes – I was very passionate as I started out with my M.S. I quickly realised that I was definitely not the first “desi grad student”, and certainly by far not the last. Of the desi’s I knew in my area, everyone was committed, hard-working, … you know the rest. That did somewhat dampen my enthusiasm to continue, but I couldn’t stop once I had started.

I guess many have the innate desire to be successful, and of course to be unique inventors/discoverers. That by itself isn’t unique.