BlackBerry Internet Service – T-Mobile

Finally, a major software upgrade to allow Internet users to receive instantaneous e-mail on their handheld.

To highlight the change,
* direct-access, straight to your Inbox. No intermediates involved. Imagine getting a warning message “Your Inbox is full”, when you’ve only used 500MB of your 2GB Gmail mailbox. Thats how it would be if your carrier was using an intermediate mailbox with your handheld – a bad idea.

* Notifications to your handheld as soon as email is available in your Inbox. In a test-run this morning, I received mail within a few seconds of it arriving in my Inbox

* Reply to your e-mail, masquerade your mailbox as someone else and also automatically BCC yourself if you like

* Exchange, iNotes, Hotmail, MSN, RPA, CS2000, AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, and ISP mailboxes, we can catch them all!