BlackBerry Connect for Treo

Additionally, RIM may have some announcement regarding Palm’s Treo.

RIM hopes to create it’s own Buzz [Market Watch]

Palm said that it sold 470,000 Treos in the most-recently reported quarter, up 160% from a year ago. By comparison, Research In Motion last reported adding 592,000 Blackberry subscribers in its first quarter.

RIM will update Wall Street when it reports second-quarter results on Wednesday.

In response to the hoopla, Research In Motion is gearing up for announcements of its own this week.

Balsillie said the launch of a Treo-Blackberry product is imminent. “We’ve been working in a Palm/Treo partnership for a while.”

A Treo and a Blackberry combination sounds intriguing given that both are top brands for anyone that wants an e-mail mobile device.

But analysts I’ve spoken with are unclear about just what kind of new Blackberry Treo product Balsillie is referring to.

Additionally, a Blackberry connect is already available for the Treo, according to analysts. The question is: Why isn’t Palm marketing it?

Balsillie wouldn’t get into details about the company’s partnership with Palm, or other announcements, only to say, essentially, stay tuned.