Summer of 2005

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When did the Northwest go from the ordinary to the spectacular? With the onset of good weather, the sun and clear blue skies, my immediate environment has taken on new meaning, incredible. The picture above was taken from Tolmie peak lookout. In the backdrop is Mt. Rainier, an active, snow-capped volcano. In the foreground is Lake Eunice. The expanse of wilderness is a part of Mt. Rainier National Park.

A crucial element to any successful hike are your allies. They meticulously researched, planned, and executed every hike. I was glad to help out, to observe and to learn. For a while, the rest of the world was forgotten, my room at 19321 lay empty for the weekend with no regrets. Definitely, having made new friends and cemented old acquaintances the Northwest is a lot closer to home now than any other place.

Every hike has been a difficult one. As a reward, I have been treated to a glimpse of heaven and I am in awe. Lest I forget, I must put it down in writing. My words, although far from the experience itself, will hopefully keep me going through the wet, gloomy days ahead.

Lake Twenty-Two – 7th August
Tolmie peak – 13th August
Mt. Cougar – 20th August
Lake Dorothy – 21st August
Glacier National Park, Montana – 3rd, 4th and 5th September
Tiger Mt. Chirico trail – 10th September
Snow Lake – 11th September