Listen hard

Since I started playing the guitar, I seem to be listening a lot harder than ever before. I seem to have learnt a few important lessons:

Music is sacred
An important conversation demands your attention, now I think, so does music. I hesitate from playing music and not listening to it anymore. This was not even a concious decision! It’s just not cool to code/study anymore while listening to music! That of course is my opinion. There is a downside to this discovery, I spend more time just listening :)!

Music offers interesting puzzles
Music maps to moods, the way you feel and other projections from within yourself. The more concrete and scientific projections however, are chords, notes, progressions and rhythym, to name a few of the things I picked up along the way. I usually stop, listen hard, and think, what are the chords being played on that guitar? What is the strumming like? Which strings are being picked?

Music has a message
Whether it be intense, subtle or garbled, the artist is trying to convey something to you. I hope you will be listening the next time she talks :).