Porsche’s in India?

The improbable is finally true. The Porsche 911, Carrera GT variant is now available for purchase in India :). I’ll quote Bijoy Kumar, his own unique style:

“Peeling out of a by-lane and onto a straight, the tacho needle held firm and the speedo started staring into the better side of 150 kph. Bliss. Yet, the 911 felt as if it could do better. Much better, actually, with a top speed of 285 kph available on demand. But I ran out of guts before I ran out of road.

It took ten years coming, but I’m not complaining. When I started my career as a motoring journalist, I knew that one day I would test drive a brand-new Porsche on Indian roads. Take that, all those who thought I was insane trying to make a living out of driving Premier 137Ds.”