RIM has released the Charm in India too

I am flummoxed by the news. Nevertheless, India is an promising, large target for w-fi products.

Why am I surprised?
1. It’s expensive (Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000), costs as much as a desktop PC
2. The sweet cutting-edge Nokia phones are at Rs 5000 – Rs 10,000
3. The details of the monthly plans are unclear, but I’m guessing it should be easily Rs 2000 per month.
4. It’s hard to think of a popular Pop/Imap service that is widely used by possible cell-phone subscribers. This is central to making full use of the Charm.
5. I’m not sure how much Nokia is selling it’s smart phones for, but I doubt if it costs as much as this one does.

Personally, this is a good time for me to switch cell-phone providers and get my own Charm.