Where and how far can we take this?

I have not been blogging much. My work has begun to take up my time increasingly.

Lately, the embers of the browser wars are beign stoked by the guys at mozilla who have made a series of press releases to announce the launch of Firefox 1.0. They are hoping to put a serious dent in IE’s market share :). But honestly, just because it presents a viable alternative, I went ahead and got it for myself. I don’t mean to imply that it is a better browser (which it is) or that it is safe (umm that claim is still debatable).

Meanwhile RIM Ltd have launched the Charm in Europe. Thsi is an amazing time for all at RIM and I can tell you this with certainty, I definitely don’t regret taking up my current job here. I have always wanted to be directly involved in a small product team that lays the foundations of how things are done (or de facto). For users in the USA, the Blackberry Web Client is the data + voice solution from t-mobile, rivalled by others from Treo, HP Venetian, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

One question I have right now is, how is t-mobile so well endowed with a choice of devices while Verizon lag behind. I need not remind the well-informed reader that Verizon is way larger than t-mobile.