What people say about MyEmail

I clocked ~50 hours this weekend at work.
1. HP 6315 runs MyEmail
What people have to say:
“I had a similar issue regarding the wap/internet2 previously with my xda.
I suppose they (T-Mobile) just don’t test things.”

“I am having a different problem with email. I finally got myemail setup. This morning there were 3 new emails in one of the accounts. Two had attachments. I selected the option to download full. Afterwards, things are really messed up. If I select the second email, it opens the first email. If I select the third, it opens the second. The first opens one that isn’t in the list. ”

“I am having the very same problem. It may very well be a smtp timeout issue, but it seems like it shouldn’t be THAT slow. I was trying to send jsut a 32k attachement file last night and it never went until i came home and turned on the wifi. Even if we are getting half of dialup speeds, we should be able to send a small attachment before we get a timeoout.”

“Truthfully, I regret moving from my XDA1 to the 6315. I am likely going to switch back. Actually, I am going to start looking at other carriers, T-Mobile should be taught a lesson for oursourcing their tech support.”