Logitech Z2200

It's time to sing 'Happy Birthday Santosh' haha! I finally got a set of speakers I can really talk about. I have been waiting for this day for ever since I got to know of hi-fi stereo sound. It's a 2.1 speaker system certified by THX. This is the culmination of tremendous patience!

A review [extremetech.com] of the Z2200 2.1 speaker system!

The speakers available here [Amazon.com] for $54.94 after rebates. On the page you will also find reviews and the product description, so I will avoid repeating it.

Only trouble is:
1. I don't have my original compact disc's on me anymore, especially Pink Floyd
2. My sound card is a run of the mill card, came with my laptop and does not support the 2.1 system