My new housemates

My housemates, 19321 S.E. Newport Way and their one-liners!

The originals:
* Daniel: “I am 99% personality!” – Daniel on why he is so well-liked by the fairer sex!
* Douglas: “Your loud and brash, you can’t be an Indian Hindoo” – Doug when talking to Vishal!
The additions:
* Vishal: “Yaar, Akshay to bada Goli-Baaz hai” – Vishal complaining about Akshay in Hindi. Literally translated – Akshay shoots a lot from the hip!
* Akshay: “Sometimes I feel Programmers should earn licenses from the Department of Programming before they are allowed code” – Security expert, Akshay on why he hates programmers
* Barry: “Watch me clean and better take notes ;)” – Barry helping me clean out the kitchen after an extended BBQ
* Matthew: “Hey! Get out of my tools!” – Matt, annoyed to discover I borrowed his tools 🙂
* Jeremy: “Was it you who saw me on the trampoline with my GF? not you? Good! Whoever saw us might have thought we were making out on the trampoline” – Jeremy perturbed over the fact that someone saw him and his GF on the trampoline at 3am in the morning

We have all types here… Note to detractors: THIS IS NOT A FRAT HOUSE! We are all responsible adults!