Asia Cup Cricket

This is now my official page for Asia Cup Cricket to keep track of the scores, players, records and fixtures.

Teams playing:
1. India (Favorites)
2. Pakistan
3. Sri Lanka
4. Bangladesh
5. UAE
6. Hong Kong (whoa? Did not know they played cricket)

Asia Cup Fixtures 2004
Group A: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong
Group B: Sri Lanka, India, UAE

Phase one:

16 July:
Bangladesh v Hong Kong (SSC)
India v UAE (Dambulla) 4:30am ET

17 July:
Pakistan v Bangladesh (SSC)
Sri Lanka v UAE (Dambulla) 4:30am ET

18 July:
Pakistan v Hong Kong (SSC)
Sri Lanka v India (Dambulla) 4:30am ET

Phase two:

21 July: A2 v B2 (SSC)
21 July: A1 v B1 (Premadasa) 4:30am ET
23 July: A2 v B1 (Premadasa) 4:30am ET
25 July: A1 v B2 (Premadasa) 4:30am ET
27 July: B1 v B2 (Premadasa) 4:30am ET
29 July: A1 v A2 (Premadasa) 4:30am ET
1 Aug: Final (Premadasa) 4:30am ET
2 Aug: Reserve day

I don’t have all the timings yet, but that should be easy to get.