The Yahoo Messenger

I have fallen for this application so totally! Thanks to Rishabh, I set up Yahoo Messenger 6.0 the other day. Initially, I thought to myself, this looks a lot like the MSN Messenger, hmmm! Then followed the part where I setup my avatar, I still remained unimpressed. I had not gained much yet. Things changed when I switched to Launchcast… I caught myself listening closely to “Feel Like Makin…” Bad Company, Led Zepp, Doobie Brothers, and I thought to myself – Music in your IM… its so simple and straightforward and yet ignored. MSN have had plenty of opportunities to do the same, but they probably thought Media player + Radio was good enough! Lesson: to make music accessible… do so through an app that is running 24/7! I think this feature will be generally liked!! I am so sold!